How can Cyber Essentials reduce a cyber-attack?

What is Cyber essentials?

First, we will start by explaining what Cyber Essentials is then illuminate how, by taking the correct steps, it can reduce a cyber-attack.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry supported scheme and that was set up to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber-attacks. The scheme provides five security controls that, according to the UK government, when implemented and maintained these basic controls could prevent “around 80% of cyber-attacks”.

This framework is required for most government tenders and is becoming one of the more popular starting points for your cyber security journey.

Here at MojoU we have been assisting our clients to achieve compliance and security for over 20 years. We have a high level of expertise in understanding the scope requirements and what exactly the assessors are looking for when achieving a Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Protecting your business is the bottom line and our security assessment services will help you achieve compliance and regulation requirements.
As we all know the internet can be a hazardous and unsafe place, DDoS (A distributed denial-of-service), Malware, hacking – more so if your business has a good online presence. To protect yourself, first you need to understand the threat levels. You need to decide what information needs protecting and develop the correct controls to put in place.

Safeguarding your company.

Do not be fooled into thinking that Cyber Essentials is just for big brands or global corporations. The cyber threat levels have progressed and felons and their clever techniques are becoming highly advanced. What does this mean for businesses? It really means that whether you are a small or large company you cannot afford to be without a cyber security strategy to help minimise the impact of a cyber-attack.

Where and when do we start?

Believe it or not you’ve already started on the journey by reading this article. You may need advice or consulting in the right direction and this is where MojoU can help. Cyber security for your organisation starts right here.

We start with an audit and review of your current set up, processes and systems. We then report back with (highlighting) any areas of noncompliance. You will then complete the areas of improvement. MojoU then devise a final assessment and award the Cyber Essentials certificate.

The Five security controls

1- Using a firewall.

You should protect your Internet connection with a firewall. This effectively creates a ‘buffer zone’ between your IT network and other, external networks.

2- Secure configuration.

Understanding that systems must be configured in the most secure way. This will help to prevent unauthorised actions taking place. It also ensures that only a small amount of information about yourself is subject to the internet. A simple scan can reveal opportunities by having insecure configuration.

3- Access controls

You must control who has access to your data. To help lower the risk of an attack and to mitigate potential damage if an account is misused, staff accounts should have just the right amount of access to software for them to be able to complete their job. Extra permissions should only be given if needed.

4- Protection from Viruses and Malware.

It is very important to protect your systems from Malware. Malicious software will gain access to files on your system. Once they have access, software can be stolen, damaged or even locked down, preventing access until a ransom is paid ransomware
Viruses are another form of malware. They infect your software, passing undetected between devices.

5- Keep up to date (Patch Management)

Please do keep phones, tablets, laptops and computers up to date. You may use one or all of these in your organisation. It is imperative that they are updated often, doing so will help fix any weaknesses that software and operating systems may have.


Once you have investigated the five main security controls and integrated them, this will have kick started your journey to higher cyber security. This is not to say that you will or will not be attacked – this will simply reduce the chances.

How can having Cyber Essentials in place reduce a cyber-attack? Well, hopefully reading this article would have answered that question, by following the correct guidelines and being vigilant with your systems and software, even knowing how hackers work, gives you the knowledge you need. This will also help you to be less of a target for criminals.

The next step will be for you to attain the Cyber Essentials certification. This is where MojoU will assist and help you at a pace that suits you. In the meantime, follow us on LinkedIn as we post helpful tips on being more vigilant in this ever-changing world of cyber security and compliance.

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