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  • Almost three billion people rely on traditional cookstoves and open fires for cooking and heating, placing them at serious risk of health disorders and premature death. The latest in ISO’s series of standards …
  • Global trade trends are constantly changing. A lot is happening throughout the world economy, with contemporary trade concerns and challenges emerging every day. So what are the big issues to watch out …
  • Whether it’s going to far-flung lands or just the neighbouring country, we all need a passport to travel. But what about products? How do bananas from Costa Rica get through customs in France? Or watches …
  • China’s plan to revive and rebrand some of the world’s most travelled trade routes as the Belt and Road Initiative has resulted in the largest infrastructure project ever attempted. It’s clear that successful …
  • Top economists agree that trade and economic growth are inextricably linked. For growth to turn into transformative development, however, more is needed. What’s the importance of international standards …

Latest Dark Reading News

  • by Steve Martino Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Cisco
    Bringing developers and security teams together guided by a common goal requires some risk-taking. With patience and confidence, it will pay off. Here's how.
  • by Dark Reading Staff
    Latest moves will make it much more likely that vulnerabilities in open source projects will be found and reported, GitHub says.
  • by Dark Reading Staff
    GK8 creates proprietary platform for securing blockchain transactions, no Internet needed.
  • by Dark Reading Staff
    Officials arrest a leader of consulting firm Novaestrat, which owned an unprotected server that exposed 20.8 million personal records.
  • by Robert Lemos Contributing Writer
    The latest attacks, such as Skidmap and Smominru, add capabilities to allow them to persist longer on Windows and Linux systems, surviving initial attempts at eliminating them.

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