GDPR Documentation

Some companies need support in modifying, creating and maintaining a document library.

These include Privacy Notices, Security Polices, Process documents and over 50 other policies and processes. MoJoU can help review contracts between controllers and processors that you have been sent / are sending.

Review GDPR Documentation

It is essential that policies are regularly reviewed to ensure they comply with the changing needs of your business and regulation. Our team can undertake this process for you.

Modify GDPR Documentation

There are mandatory policies and documents required to be fully compliant. Our team are experienced in amending, modifying and merging existing documents to meet the GDPR requirements.

Create GDPR Documentation

Whether you are very new in your GDPR journey or already well underway, MojoU has a range of templates to help you create policies. From employee privacy notices to data subject consent forms we can assist you.

Proof Reading GDPR Documentation

Proof reading can be an onerous task. Let our team of expert editors assist you in ensuring your documents are effective in their wording to comply with the GDPR.

Manage GDPR Documentation

GDPR is an on-going process. It requires you to consistently maintain records, review processes and implement changes where necessary. We have the software tools and team to help manage, track and review your journey.

GDPR Templates

GDPR Templates

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