Gap Analysis

Creating a baseline is the first stage to any change project, none more so than with GDPR.

This provides the foundation from which all future actions can be taken, allows the creation of a plan and allows the organisation to identify and audit progress.

The core to the GAP will be time spent on site with your staff, reviewing people, process and systems. Looking at where sensitive data resides, the processing activities that are taking place and the existing approaches to data security and risk.

GAP Analysis Stages

Before we arrive on site. We will start to research the organisation to gain a general understanding of your market, customers, geographic locations, approach to policy, to help us build a picture. We will engage with you to undertake the following stages of the GAP:

  • Initial Planning Call
  • On-Site GAP Analysis
  • GAP Analysis Report
  • Key Recommendations & Briefing Call
  • Services Proposal

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