Cloud Services

We offer a wide range of services, from some simple off-site storage to complete hosted business infrastructure.

We have specifically designed our solutions to work like you would expect, flexibly, seamlessly and performant. We do this by utilising industry leading products and integrating them into our solutions to make solid business platforms for our customers.

Always on, so they are ready when you need them.

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Printer Services

Our Managed Document Services give you access to all the latest technology from leading manufacturers. By tailoring a unique Managed Document infrastructure for your business, we can cut costs, improve productivity and reduce environmental impact.

Going from an unstructured set of systems to a completely optimised output process, you will be more in control of your printing and the costs associated with it. We work with you to choose the right provider and services for your needs, with each aspect designed especially for you.

Once the systems have been established and put in place, we work with the service provider to give you complete support and advice.

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Network Services

Keeping you connected. Nowadays, everyone is in need of a connection to the outside world, we offer a range of networking solutions ranging from Wi-Fi or Mobile Data services to complete building design, supply and build or can provision dedicated, International links.

We understand the importance of user enablement, and as such provide services that keep them connected and where possible, a similar experience.

Always connected, so you can work.

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Telecom Services

Our hosted telephony and mobile phone solutions provide our customers with flexibility and control over their voice services. Our telephony services are centered around our hosted offering meaning that you no longer require a PBX or Phone System in your office.

We supply the service over your internet connection and can offer you a range of desk phones, soft phones, mobile apps to suit your business. Couple that with centralised, discounted billing and the ability to set up and retain voice recording and you have a strong, flexible voice solution.

Always contactable, wherever you are.

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Support & Professional Services

We offer a wide range of services to support you with your business to give you piece of mind. These services range from simple desktop support all of the way to a Virtual IT Director or CTO.

Our support services provide you with the knowledge that your users will be supported with their IT related issues by a knowledgeable and connected individual that will solve either issue.

We provide flexible terms for the Professional Services engagements and these can be taken monthly, annually or just for some ad-hoc projects.

Always here, to help and advise you.

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Infrastructure Solutions

Our IT experts typically have over 20 years of knowledge and can provide you with open and honest advice depending on what you or your business need. You don’t even need to be a customer of ours, you might just need some impartial advice on a specific issue or business requirement, either way, we are there to help you when you need us.Probably our most popular product in our portfolio, this service provides you and your users with a GDPR compliant desktop right out of a virtual box. This service is provided by the industry leading Amazon WorkSpaces and has been tailored to provide our clients with a safe and secure virtual desktop from wherever they might need to connect to it.The most widely used and industry standard pieces of application software on the markets today, Office 365 provides you with a flexible plan for your users to work and collaborate with the latest Microsoft Office software. The products are continually updated throughout the term of the agreement, so you don’t have to worry about them being out of date or non-performant.
Powered by Microsoft Exchange Online, we provide you with the leading worldwide email solution. You can use this service just like having your own dedicated private email server, it supports email to your desktop or to your mobile devices and all-over secure connectivity. This integrates perfectly with our desktop solution and empowers you to always be connected to your clients.Hosted within Amazon Web Services on a secure and compliant server, your data is safe, secure and comes with a straight forward backup solution to protect your data. Empower your users to restore earlier versions of the files themselves or you could enable them to work collaboratively with suppliers or your customers by securely sharing selected data straight from your own file system.Our phone offering is built on one of the UK’s largest independent providers, Gamma. We can provide you with services from phones on desks, conference facilities, call recording, user configurable call routing and mobile applications that enable your users to make calls from their mobiles as if they were in the office. This gives you one platform for the billing and gives you the control you desire.
We can help organisations transition from an unstructured system to a more integrated, unified process. This involves sourcing and delivering a single supplier and unified infrastructure, to reduce costs and improve control and efficiency. We compare products and services from our leading suppliers to create a structured system tailored to you. We then act as a dedicated, independent account manager for the entire term of the Managed Document Solutions contract, to ensure ongoing support and continued efficiencies.Sometimes, shared resources won’t do and a piece of software or a service in your organisation will require its own dedicated machine or server. You can tell us your technical requirement, the operating system that you require and where you want it located in the world and we can create it for you. Not sure what you need, we can work with your suppliers to ensure we get the best fit.Networking can be complicated and a bit daunting, we look to simplify this with clever technology by giving you a single pane of glass to view your network and connected users/devices. You can then either choose to manage this yourself or let us take care of your network for you.
WIFIBack UpSupport
We work with two of the most renowned Wi-Fi providers in the world, Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti. We create a solid network for you, your users and clients or customers to connect to. We design, manage and maintain these networks and can provide access to the public networks via splash screens or sign up pages so that you can build information about the demographic of your visitor.Put your data in our safe hands, we provide you with tailored backups for your business based on your requirements and compliance needs. Our scalable solution allows you to back up your data every minute or once a year with retention from 1hr to 10 years. Your data is stored and then replicated across GDPR compliance datacentres in the EU.Supporting our clients is something that we are passionate about and it is pointless for us to provide all of these fantastic services if you don’t have the piece of mind that the users will have someone to call in the event of a problem arising. Our support offering removes the burden of you needing to provide internal support and the worry of providing holiday or sickness cover.

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