GDPR Sanity Check

MoJoU delivers GDPR programmes across the UK. Our experience is that clients have typically done one of these 3 things:

1. Nothing! – with good reason. No case law, confusion, even from the ICO. “It won’t affect me it is only for the big multi companies and more..

2. They have cleared a forest of paper producing policies, procedures and processes for everything, sometimes including who is allowed to write a name on an envelope! They have purchased every belt and have so many pairs of braces that day to day working is done wearing what feels like a straitjacket.

3. They have produced a privacy Policy, a rough Audit and a couple of other bits declaring, I am done.

“Where do we start and stop”

“How do I do just enough”

“I don’t know if what I have done is complete”

Where are you in your own GDPR journey?

Would you like a sanity check?

Would you welcome the opportunity to ask someone who works with Data Protection day in and day out to oversee what has been done and support you as you continue through 2019?

Would you like some help just putting a sensible, pragmatic plan together that supports you whilst you focus on business as usual? If yes, then contact us to see how we can support you.


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