In the modern world protection of corporate data is a very complex issue that is ever-changing and extremely important. Intellectual property and client data require high level security in order to prevent your business from theft or attack from both outside and inside your network.

A lot of threats that businesses face every day can be addressed simply by changing a few processes. This includes improving how your data is handled, stored and destroyed when needed.

Securing the “edge” of a network is also critical to ensuring many automated threats and hacking attempts are resisted. Secure firewalls, encryption, appropriate authentication and endpoint threat protection software can all be used in order to prevent a lot of threats including hacking and automated threats.

Pen Testing

Review your business vulnerability with Penetration testing. We have leading techniques to identify and access the configuration of these devices, looking for any weaknesses that may lead to compromise.

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What don’t you know that you need to know? MoJoU offer a number of auditing services. GAOP Analysis for ISO / PCI-DSS / GDPR readiness is just one. A review on risk is another if you’re looking at acquisition. An understanding of process and documentation is another. Auditing comes in many forms and MoJoU have a plethora of options to support you.

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GDPR Templates

Demonstrable documentation that is indexed, easy to use, managed, updated and used is vital in today’s business world. MoJoU works with clients to produce, update, edit, proof read and manage documentation. From training through to procedures, processes, policies and more. Talk to MoJoU about how we can support you.

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To help you add credibility to your company by demonstrating that your product or service meets customers’ expectations. To assist with Tenders.
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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is an effective, Government backed scheme that will help you protect your company, whatever its size, against a whole range of typical cyber-attacks
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Going from an unstructured set of systems to a completely optimised output process, you will be more in control of your printing and the costs associated with it. We work with you to choose the right provider and services for your needs, with each aspect designed especially for you.
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