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Companies in the UK in some cases require a Data Protection Officer (DPO) by law, is that you?

We manage : ICO Interaction, Complaints, DPIA services, Process reviews & GDPR program. This is done as an onsite role or as a virtual role. Other clients prefer a support framework but not a DPO. In some cases, this is to support an internal DPO or just to act as a sounding board, accessed via email or a call. Whatever the need, be it DPO or not MoJoU has a service to support you.


Independent advice through a consultant offers our clients the ability to be open and honest as they seek clarity in the best way forward. When engaging with a consultant at MoJoU they never push specific products or services but rather point toward a way of working. Our expert advice ensures you get what you need as and when you need it.
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Gap Analysis

Creating a baseline is the first stage to any change project, none more so than with GDPR. This provides the foundation from which all future actions can be taken, allows the creation of a plan and allows the organisation to identify and audit progress.
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